Tablas Island - Live, Vacation, Retire, Invest and Enjoy!

As one of the world’s most private, and untarnished islands, Tablas Island creates a exotic and intimate experience that you will always remember.  Pristine beaches, tropical breezes, exotic beauty of nature as well as our friendly Filipino residents. All this and more will make your dreams come true. Join us on Tablas Island.

An Exotic Lifestyle on our Eco-Friendly Island
Your home should be a private heaven.
A place where beauty wraps around you like a cloak: where you need to make no decisions: where everything is done for you, and yet where solitude is as easy to find as the sea.

Perhaps this is why Tablas Island was made for people like you. Surely there is not a more perfect place to celebrate living than in our hidden Eden of empty beaches, swaying palm trees, waterfalls and beautiful mountains.

Imagine your daily life starting by waking up to the sound of the waves, in a room flush of jasmine-scented air, and the sight of dolphins playing in the sea.
On Tablas, a typical breakfast is served on the beach in front of your home with a tropical fresh fruits, eggs, rice and hot coffee. Feeling the breeze in your hair and your toes in the sand is a great way to start the activities of the day. 

And the day lays itself out before you like a magic carpet.

Your time on Tablas Island is your own... perhaps navigate a sailboat around the tranquil bay or float lazily in the sun, snorkel among the vibrant colored fish,  explore a green-shaded waterfalls... or enjoy horseback riding in the surf.
Activities - There are numerous Activities on Tablas Island
Diving with exotic sea life among corral reefs and turtle sanctuary 
Spas and Massage Therapy
Hiking and Biking the beaches and mountains
Swimming under the waterfalls
Fishing with the natives or go out to sea
Dolphin experience
Hiking and biking
Shopping for souvenirs
Guided eco-adventure tours
Sunset Cruise
Picnic on the Beach
Cafes and Restaurants from Native to Chic
Sea kayaking or Banca Boat with the Locals
Island Hopping
Cave exploring
Extreme Sports - Kite surfing, para-sail, 4 wheeling, jet ski, Zip Line
Or just relax on the beach with your favorite beverage
There is so much to see and do on Tablas Island

Romance - Tablas Island is for Lovers
Taking your vows on a pristine beach with impossibly blue waters lapping the shore, celebrating your new marriage in a secluded cottage with breath-taking views, or commemorating a life-long romance with your spouse, Tablas Island can make your romantic getaway a reality.
The ultimate in luxury. Private island weddings, a honeymoon, or just living, Tablas Island has been consistently rated as one of the world's best settings for anyone who wants privacy with natures exotic flare.